Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten

We are always looking for new students with high academic ability and potential. If you are interested please send me an e-mail or come by my office. You may also contact current or former group members.

You can also find an overview of Bachelor thesis topics at the Chair of Theoretical Physics III (after logging onto Digicampus) on the poster of the Bachelor-Börse 2016.


  • Electronic structure calculations
  • Computational Many-body physics
  • Simulations: Models and methods


Your work is going to focus mainly (but not exclusively) on computational physics, so willingness to perform computer simulations (C++, Python) is required. Therefore you should have some basic programming knowledge. But above all you need enthusiasm and motivation.


You will work on current problems in many-body computational physics, fully embedded in our scientific environment (office, computer, journal club, high-performance computing cluster, ...). As part of the thesis supervision you will learn how to use existing codes, how to improve your programming skills, etc..

Completed theses

  • Markus Dutschke, M.Sc. thesis:
    Continuous-Time quantum Monte Carlo impurity solver for the Hubbard model
  • Kathrin Garb, M.Sc. thesis:
    A combined electronic structure and many-body calculation for copper
  • Andreas Held, Diploma thesis:
    Bulk and interface half-metallicity in heterostructures based on Co2MnAl

  • Johannes Thiele, B.Sc. thesis:
    Feynman path integral quantum Monte Carlo algorithm for a single particle in parabolic potentials
  • Leonard Wossnig, B.Sc. thesis:
    Analytic solution and Monte Carlo simulation of the two-dimensional q-state Potts model
  • Andreas Weh, B.Sc. thesis:
    Inhomogeneous dynamical mean-field theory for correlated heterostructures
  • Marius Gerbershagen, B.Sc. thesis:
    Transmissionsverhalten und Bandstruktur aperiodischer Quantenbarrieren