Study Program Committee Physics

In its administrative meeting on 22 October 2015, the Institute of Physics decided to establish a Study Program Committee for the programs Bachelor of Physics (B.Sc.) and Master of Physics (M.Sc.). Members of this committee are: person in charge of the study programs in physics (presently Prof. Dr. Ulrich Eckern), Dean of Studies (presently Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Haider), the Institute's administrative assistant (Dr. Joachim Deisenhofer), two student representatives (presently Markus Altthaler und Milan Harth) as well as the members of the respective examination boards, Bachelor Physics and Master Physics.

The committee will meet at least once a year on invitation by the person in charge of the study programs in physics. Basically the committee deals with all aspects of the study programs in physics, expecially with the realisation of the learning goals, quality control, and further development. The committee reports to the Managing Director of the Institute of Physics.

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As of: 17 November 2015